Five best digital photo organizers is a great website with all kinds of interesting tips to make your life easier. They recently posted an article on the Five best digital photo organizers. Here are the results (as of April 7, 2008): 

Best Digital Photo Organizer?

Folder Structure

 17.6% (1178 votes)


 6.1% (411 votes)


 42.7% (2864 votes)


 14.2% (950 votes)

Adobe Lightroom

 19.5% (1306 votes)

 What do you use?

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Online Photo – Resource Guide

I stumbled across this very useful guide listing a lot of photo sharing web-sites. It contains a lot of useful information. Thank you for doing this Dave Dyer. Dave also provides an old list here. Here is a partial list of the sites Dave profiles.

Do you have experience with one of these sites — please leave a comment.

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