Five best digital photo organizers is a great website with all kinds of interesting tips to make your life easier. They recently posted an article on the Five best digital photo organizers. Here are the results (as of April 7, 2008): 

Best Digital Photo Organizer?

Folder Structure

 17.6% (1178 votes)


 6.1% (411 votes)


 42.7% (2864 votes)


 14.2% (950 votes)

Adobe Lightroom

 19.5% (1306 votes)

 What do you use?

Read More – New service to backup your photos online – New service to backup your photos online is a fairly new file sharing service. You can store, share and retrieve any kind of file from anywhere on the Internet. I’m interested in this service because they provide photo album and photo editing (using Snipshot — well not really, read on) capabilities. - New service to backup your photos online

The service is currently in beta and they offer 4 pricing options: Beta (free), Basic ($14.99 per year), Professional ($49.99 per year), and Business ($149.99 per year). You can also request a custom plan.

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Review of Online Photo Services, including SmugMug, Picasa and Flickr reviewed some of the most popular online photo services in A Review of Online Photo Services. Thank you Adam. He reviews the following sites in detail:

Here is his conclusion (also read the comments for more sites):

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Flickr adds online editing using Picnik

Flickr adds online editing using Picnik

Flickr announced online photo editing today. Here is the story on Techcrunch. They do this in partnership with a very nifty company called, Picnik (here is their blog post). You can do things like auto-fix, rotate, crop, resize, tweaking exposure, updating colors, sharpening and red-eye reduction. Try it here. The full screen mode is very cool (the button is located in the top left corner of the screen).

Picnik Screen

Do you use Picnik — what do you think of it?


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Photo sharing – TiVo style

Photo sharing – TiVo style


TiVo announced today that they’ve partnered with Picasa and Photobucket to allow TiVo viewers to view their online photo albums on their TVs. Here is a part of the CNET article:

The digital video recorder manufacturer has partnered with two photo-sharing services–the Google-owned Picasa Web Albums and Fox Interactive Media-owned Photobucket–in order to enable users to surf through their photo albums as well as their friends’ and family members’, provided that their TiVo boxes are broadband-connected.

A release from the company emphasized the fact that photos are viewable in the highest resolution possible, which on the TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD devices means full high definition.

PhotobucketHere is the Photobucket announcement.

Mashable also writes about this.

Is this a feature that you’ll use on TiVo?

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Online Photo – Resource Guide

I stumbled across this very useful guide listing a lot of photo sharing web-sites. It contains a lot of useful information. Thank you for doing this Dave Dyer. Dave also provides an old list here. Here is a partial list of the sites Dave profiles.

Do you have experience with one of these sites — please leave a comment.

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Introduction to Flickr – used for photo sharing

Introduction to Flickr – used for photo sharing

Flickr photo sharing website

Flickr is a very popular photo sharing website. You can find a lot of helpful information in Flickr’s own web-site, including this tour. This Newbie’s guide to Flickr is also a good start, as well as, a UK blog post.

Wikipedia is always a good place to find information. This Flickr entry is a bit more technical in nature.

Do you have any good guides or tips that you can share with us?

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Photo sharing sites – including Flickr, Picasa and Zooomr

Photo sharing sites – including Flickr, Picasa and Zooomr

Well, somewhere along the line I’m sure you would want to share your pictures and videos with your friends and loved ones. These days you have lots of choices. Today I will list a few and over time I will start to rate these sites. I use Apple’s .Mac service. You can quickly and easily share pictures and videos using iWeb/web galleries. Using a Mac it’s easy to set up and share your pictures. Check out this beautiful web gallery.

Apple’s .Mac Web Gallery

I also use Google’s Picasa service. Most of these services give you a sizable amount of free storage and then you can buy additional storage.

What service do you use? Please rate it for us in your comment!

Here is a list of the more popular sites:

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