Convert any audio, video or photo file to any other format!

Have you ever had the need to convert one audio, video or picture format to another? Well, now you can with an online service called The entry level offering is FREE! The free offering gives you 100MB in file size, and 5 concurrent conversions. Pricing range from $7/month for the Basic and $49/month for the Business package. Read more about this service at Scoble likes it, and Techcrunch wrote about it as well.

Here are other online services:

  • Convert it: This service is free at the moment. Doesn’t seem to have a file size limit. Very clean interface and easy to use. No registration required.
  • Media-Convert: This is also a free service with a 150mb file size limit. The interface is cluttered, but still easy to use.
  • Hey!Watch: Encode video files using this online service. You have to register and the price is 10c per encoding credit. I’m not sure what that means. Webware has a good write up on Hey!Watch.

And finally writes about lots of other file conversion utilities.

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Digitize your cassettes and LPs

MacWorld has a great article on digitizing your old cassettes and LPs. Read the comments as well — they contain good information. This article is only for Mac users. They mention the following programs to use to digitize your analog audio:

Another option is: Audio Hijack Pro, ~$32.

I’ve digitize a number of old audio cassettes recordings my dad made in the ’60’s. They are now in iTunes and I can share it with my family and my children. Great stuff!

What do you use to import old cassettes and LPs?

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