– New service to backup your photos online – New service to backup your photos online is a fairly new file sharing service. You can store, share and retrieve any kind of file from anywhere on the Internet. I’m interested in this service because they provide photo album and photo editing (using Snipshot — well not really, read on) capabilities. - New service to backup your photos online

The service is currently in beta and they offer 4 pricing options: Beta (free), Basic ($14.99 per year), Professional ($49.99 per year), and Business ($149.99 per year). You can also request a custom plan.

Quick initial review:

  • I created a beta account and the process is quick and easy. A Windows-like (not they I know it too well) file manager is launched after you log in. If you are familiar with Windows File Manager then this should be a nice feature. I’m not, so I don’t like it that much.
  • It’s easy to upload files.
  • At the moment (not sure if this will change) you can only share your files with other Digitalbucket members. You can publish a photo by right-clicking on a file(s). Digitalbucket then generates a URL that you can share (e-mail) with others, however this is not the most friendly way to share you photos.
  • It tried it with both Safari and Firefox on a Mac and it worked without any problems.
  • And surprisingly they use Picnic and not Snipshot for the photo editing. It takes about 5-10 seconds to load the photo into Picnic. I also experienced a number of strange errors.

Summary: Powerful file handling capabilities, and Windows-like file manager interface make this less attractive for casual users. I don’t recommend this as a photo sharing site for most casual users.

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